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Pilot Services

Corporate Contract Pilots

An airplane can be one of the most efficient tools in your business. However, staffing that airplane is rarely efficient. Having extra full-time pilots just to cover vacation days and personal issues that may come up in your full time pilots' lives rarely makes sense. Nation Aviation can provide pilots with thousands of hours of experience including time in your type of airplanes to help your company stay in the air when your schedule and your pilot's personal situation conflict. Nation Aviation has pilots that are experienced and ready to step in to fly many popular piston twin engine airplanes such as the Beechcraft Baron, the Piper Navajo, the Cessna 340, and the Cessna 414. We have the qualifications in these airplanes and others to meet your insurance company requirements. Call today so that we can pre-qualify with your insurance provider.

Aerial Mapping

Paul Nation, our owner, has five years and 1,900 hours of aerial mapping experience including aerial photography and lidar mapping. He has mapping experience in Cessna twins including the C414, C335, and C337. Paul's Piper mapping experience includes the Piper Navajo C/R, the Piper Chieftain, and the Piper Aztec. His mapping experience has covered locations throughout the United States and the Caribbean. Paul is available to provide short term contract pilot services for those contracts that you just need an experienced mapping pilot to accomplish successfully. Call today to see how Paul can help your data acquisition department get through the busy season.

Aircraft Ferrying

Nation Aviation knows that airplanes need to be moved from one location to another for many reasons.

  • New Aircraft Delivery - Have that new airplane delivered from the factory right to the airport that will be its new home.
  • Used Aircraft Delivery - We can move an airplane to a maintenance facility for a pre-purchase inspection and from the inspection to your airport.
  • Maintenance - Nation Aviation can fly your airplane to that specialty shop or service center for annual inspections, major airframe repair, or avionics installations. Then we can move it back home again when the work is complete.
  • Vacations - We know you want to fly your airplane to that great beach destination (after all, that is why you bought it in the first place), but do you really want to leave it sitting on the ramp for a week when that thunderstorm rolls through in the summertime. Nation Aviation will be glad to supply a pilot to move your airplane back home to its hangar and then return it to you at your vacation location when you are ready to go home.

Types of Airplanes Nation Aviation Can Ferry

We have pilots available to help move the following types:

  • Pilatus PC-12 (25+ hours in type and Simcom trained)
  • Beechcraft Baron (1350+ hours in type and Simcom trained)
  • Piper Navajo (450+ hours in type)
  • Piper Aztec (450+ hours in type)
  • Piper Seneca (70+ hours in type)
  • Cessna 414 (150+ hours in type and Simcom trained )
  • Cessna 335/340 (150+ hours in type)
  • Cessna Skymaster (700+ hours in type)
  • Call for other types.