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Flight Instruction

Earn a New Rating

If you are looking for an experienced professional flight instructor, look no further. Paul Nation, our owner, is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor with Airplane Single and Multi-engine and Instrument Airplane ratings. Over the last 13 years, he has given flight instruction for all airplane land ratings including Private, Commercial, and Airline Transport Pilot. He has also provided instruction for multi-engine, instrument, and instructor ratings.

Executive Flight CenterIf you do not own an airplane and will need to rent an airplane for training, Nation Aviation highly recommends Executive Flight Center for your rental needs. EFC has great prices on single and twin-engine airplanes for your rental needs, and we can easily integrate our instructional services with their facilities and airplanes.

Proficiency Checks

If you are like most pilots, when it comes time for that Flight Review or Instrument Proficiency Check, you walk into the local FBO and ask for a flight instructor. That flight instructor may be an experienced flight instructor with experience in your airplane, but the chances are just as good that he/she just graduated from flight school and has no real world experience. In addition to almost 1,000 hours of flight instruction experience, Paul has flight time in 30 different models of airplanes. Call today to schedule your flight review or proficency check with a professional pilot with years of experience.

Aircraft Specific Training

With thousands of hours of single and multi-engine piston flight time, chances are good that Paul Nation has flight time in the type of airplane that you own. He is available for initial flight instruction, recurrency instruction, or mentor pilot services in the following multi-engine airplanes:

  • Beechcraft Baron (1250+ hours in type and Simcom trained)
  • Piper Navajo (450+ hours in type)
  • Piper Aztec (450+ hours in type)
  • Piper Seneca (70+ hours in type)
  • Cessna 414's (150+ hours in type and Simcom trained )
  • Cessna 335/340's (150+ hours in type)
  • Cessna Skymaster (700+ hours in type)

Garmin GNS430/530 Training

Garmin GNS530wPaul has extensive experience with Garmin 430 and 530 GPS units. If you are looking to get a handle on that expensive box you put into your airplane and the only button that you know how to use is the Direct To button, or if you really would like to know how to fly those new WAAS approaches that everyone is talking about, then call today to schedule a training session. If you have several people looking for Garmin training, Paul will be glad to come to your airport or flying club to conduct a training seminar for the Garmin 430 and 530 units.